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HealthLife Videos
Passion For Health – Donna Krech – Thin & Healthy
A concept of happiness, balance, and success incorporated in the Life Success program.
Positives of Maintaining Goals – Donna Krech – Thin & Healthy
List the positives of being thin and healthy, and get support from others to achieve your goals.
Purpose of Thin and Healthy -Donna Krech – Thin & Healthy
Helping people to lose weight easier keep weight off permanently and see how much better your life can be.
Resolution Solution – Donna Krech – Thin & Healthy
Motivations Assassinators are seven factors that keep us from keeping our resolutions.
Staying Motivation - Donna Krech – Thin &Healthy
Knowing what you want and why you want it, will keep you motivated.
Step Off the Pounds – Donna Krech – Thin & Healthy
Walking helps you burn the calories and build muscle.
Switch Hands – Donna Krech – Thin & Healthy
Switch hands when you’re eating to make yourself eat slower. Take a look at your habits and change them with some good ones.
Testimonial - Donna Krech - Thin & Healthy
Testimonial for Total Solution
Total Solution - Donna Krech – Thin & Healthy
It’s not about a diet; tips on eating your favorite foods and still loose weight.
Total Solution -Donna Krech – Thin & Healthy
Offers healthy food education, metabolism retraining, life success